This TipJar site is intended solely to 1) help you find people you know and 2) then give them a little help using the gift accounts that they have set up on other sites like Venmo,, GoFundMe, and so forth. Nothing more.

No fees

While third parties linked to under a person’s profile may charge fees (e.g. GoFundMe), DOES NOT CHARGE ANY FEES TO ANYONE for using this site. The site is not monetized, that is, there is no conversion of data into revenue for the site owner.

Privacy does not collect personal information unless the information has been published on-line or is provided by users. We will never sell or rent users personal information to outside parties and we will never use it to market any other services to our users. We do receive anonymous counts for your geographic region so that we know where the TipJar is being used and its frequency of use.


Users proceed solely at their own discretion. If you choose to click a link from an individual’s profile and/or send them a monetary gift, that is 100% your choice alone and is governed under the terms and conditions of the 3rd party site(s) that group members have provided the link to in their profiles. does not and can not validate the authenticity of any links to any electronic payment information, as it is publicly submitted. Information on COVD-19TipJar is provided as-is without any warranties. If you send monetary gifts to an invalid ID or a falsified account, you may lose those funds. Please consider verifying any third party’s profile details (e.g. Venmo, PayPal, GoFundMe) should you have concerns.